Planeta’s first Mount Etna wine: the Carricante


Planeta’s first Mount Etna wine: the Carricante

Almost two years ago I visited Sicilian producer Planeta. One thing they talked about was their new project on Mount Etna, which has some really interesting terroirs. At this stage, no wine had been made, but now they’ve released their first Etna white. It’s from the Carricante grape variety, and it’s full of interest. It’s not a hedonistic wine, but instead is taut and really mineral. I really like it, and I think it will age well. Etna seems to be producing a lot of interesting wine of late. I suspect this wine won’t yet have any stockists, but I’ll let you know when it does.

Planeta Carricante 2009 IGT Sicilia
From Planeta’s new Sciara Nuova vineyard on Mount Etna; first release; 13% alcohol. Fresh, nutty and citrussy with high acidity. Very mineral with subtle herb and wax notes as well as taut, pithy, citrus fruit. The predominant flavour is that of the somewhat indefinable descriptor ‘mineral’. A lovely taut, lean white wine. 91/100

There’s a write up on Mount Etna wines here.

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9 thoughts on “Planeta’s first Mount Etna wine: the Carricante

  1. Had to look up this grape to see if it was red or white. Your descriptors suggest white (though you don’t say) but the label is confusingly red in its appearance. It’s a white grape BTW !

  2. The most famous example of Carricante is Benanti’s single vineyard “Pietramarina” from 80 year old alberello vines planted on volcanic soils. The maritime exposure gives the wine a certain saltiness whilst the ash soils confer acidity and minerality. There is no oak whatsoever. The wine is probably reaches its peak after about 10 years, although can age considerably longer.

  3. Nick, the clue was the term ‘white wine’ at the end of the tasting note 😉

    Doug, agreed – a wine I’ve reviewed favourably here in the past. Sensational.

    A;ex, it’s with enotria

  4. I agree with you Jamie. Wonderful wine. I tasted it last year when they released it at a delicious dinner with Francesca Planeta. Taut, intense, citrus, mineral and mouth-watering acidity. We enjoyed it served as an aperitif and for me it was memorable.
    I posted a couple of articles on my site which featured the wine.

  5. I’m interested too, but as Planeta’s Cerasulo is so pale in comparison with those of Cos, I do wonder if this can match Benanti’s Carricantes.

  6. Great wine and thank you for sharing Jamie, important to mention the land sits at 3,000 feet of elevation and this 2009 its labeled IGT Sicilia, rather than the DOC Etna, because the grapes were vinifed at one of the Planeta’s winery outside the Etna DOC zone, the Etna Winery will be ready for the 2011 harvest.

  7. I now the post is pretty old Jamie but i happened to come across it when i was seeking advice about the Carricante and i must admit i was not disappointed!!!

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