Insoglio del Cinghiale, an impressive Tuscan red blend


Insoglio del Cinghiale, an impressive Tuscan red blend


I’m not usually a huge super-Tuscan fan, but this is really good. There’s a purity and focus here that I don’t often get from Tuscany. Tasted blind, I reckon I’d have put it in the new world, but elegant new world. I followed this over a couple of days, and it was just as good on day two, which bodes well.

Insoglio del Cinghiale 2011 Toscana IGT, Italy
14% alcohol. This is made by Tenuta Campo di Sasso, and it’s a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, with a touch of Petit Verdot. It’s very pure with sweet, fresh berry and black fruits, bolstered by just a little peppery spiciness and a hint of meatiness. Sleek and ripe, yet always staying balanced, this pure, focused Tuscan red is really impressive, and will likely age well in the mid-term. 92/100 (£18.95 Corney & Barrow)

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3 thoughts on “Insoglio del Cinghiale, an impressive Tuscan red blend

  1. Sleek…Ripe…Sweet…New world in style…

    Hmmm, think I might just give this super-Tuscan a miss. In fact, I know I will. What’s the point of spending £18.95 on a bottle of wine if it’s got no typicity or sense of place?

  2. I guess it come down to, do you like Euro/ Italian wines?

    I kind of dislike most new world wines and have for a long time.,
    I am not a Bordeaux freak, I like almost all the other wines. from Europe. I do not like the super rich Californian style Spaniard wines as well as the really fruity Italians or French but not averse to dirty reds and whites with character.
    I have yet to find a S.A red I like. the character and fruity style turn me off. they seem a bit obvious and less focussed on scent than mouth feel.
    Glenn; Ontario

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