In Piedmont


In Piedmont

So I arrived in Italy courtesy of the world’s worst airline last night at 10 pm. I was staying at a nearby hotel, but it’s proximity really upset the taxi driver who had been waiting for 3 hours for a fare into Milano (45 km away) rather than a quick 2 minute ride.

He was visibly, demonstrably upset and kept making gestures with his hands pointing to heaven. He charged me well over the odds (he didn’t put the meter on) and then charged an extra 5 Euros for a receipt, but still wouldn’t shut up.

This morning I was picked up for a 3 hr drive to Piedmont. Piedmont is beautiful, with its rolling hills and hilltop villages. It’s a shame I am not seeing much of it on this trip.

We arrived in Pollenzo (pictured above) at lunchtime, and had a quick two-course meal washed down with a jug of juicy Dolcetto (bill for 2 = Euro 22), and then went to the meeting venue only to find that the time had been randomly changed from 3 pm to 4.30 pm. It’s a good job I’m talking first, because we have to leave by 5.30 pm to get back to Bergamo airport.

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5 thoughts on “In Piedmont

  1. Hi Jamie
    I had a similar experience to you when asking for a taxi from Bergamo airport and going to Bergamo town. It was 3am when I arrived(our flight had been delayed by six hours). The taxi driver didn’t want to take me to Bergamo but luckily a couple who wanted to go to Milan said that I could share their taxi and we could go via Bergamo. As it was, when I arrived at my tiny hotel – the Agnello D’Oro – it was closed and I was forced to wait around until 6am when it opened ! Still, the trip ended well with a tasting of the wines of Elio Altare hosted by his daughter Elena at Vin Italy. Every cloud etc

  2. Hello Jamie!
    I am Giuseppe and I’m glad you came in Piedmont!
    I’m sorry you’re still so little …
    My friends and I are sommelier wine lovers, from 6 years to taste wine blind!
    if we want to see us.. this is our site
    I always follow your news of your blog!
    Thanks you are very good and your stories are always interesting!

  3. You should all fly in to Turin (Torino) if you are visiting Piemonte….far less hassle, already in Piemonte, and you can fly with BA there cheaper than Ryanair too!!

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