Anarkos: a lovely wine from the south of Italy


Anarkos: a lovely wine from the south of Italy

Anarkos Puglia Rosso
Very impressed by this ripe yet well defined red from Puglia. I’m seeing increasingly good wines coming from the south of Italy. There’s plenty of sunshine here, so the wines are usually ripe and sweetly fruitied, but the good ones (like this) show great definition. Astute commercial winemaking. It’s not the world’s greatest ever wine, but it’s just such fun to drink.

Anarkos Puglia Rosso 2010 Italy
A blend of Primitivo, Malvasia Nera and Negroamaro. Very open, sweet and fruity with good definition and a bit of spiciness. Really lovely pure berry fruits here with some lushness and smoothness, but very nicely balanced. 88/100 (£8.99 The Real Wine Company)

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5 thoughts on “Anarkos: a lovely wine from the south of Italy

  1. Hi Jamie
    Yes I agree that the Southern Italian wines don’t get as much coverage as they deserve. Like everything else in Southern Italy they are pretty much ignored compared to the North. I recently had a great CANNONAU DI SARDEGNA RISERVA D.O.C in a restaurant in Reading and it was superb.

  2. I represent Anarkos in Ontario, Canada. This wine has received a very warm welcome among my restaurant customers here. They love the new world fruit-driven style while staying true to its southern roots with some chunky, but well integrated tannins.

  3. I bought it at my local liquor store…I think it said something about being “sustainable” or “green” farming methods…so always wanting to help the planet, I bought it. I am really pleased with it…don’t think it will last long…lovely flavor – I always go for the red “blends” – some more successful than others…this one definitely a good buy!

  4. I can’t find this wine anywhere in NJ. Does anyone know how I can get it? I tried a number of on line sites as well.

  5. Is this wine supposed to act like champagne when opened? My bottle foamed out making a big mess.

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