A brilliant Tuscan Cabernet Franc


A brilliant Tuscan Cabernet Franc

Regular readers will know that I’m not really a super-Tuscan kind of guy. But here’s one that enticed, despite its ripeness and richness. It’s a varietal Cabernet Franc, and it’s lovely – although they don’t really give it away, at £40-ish a bottle. Mind you, compared with its peer group, it’s well priced for such a serious effort. I finished the bottle in a couple of sittings.

Le Macchiole Paleo 2008 IGT Toscana, Italy
14.5% alcohol. A varietal Cabernet Franc. Ripe, rich, enticing and sophisticated with sleek, almost lush blackberry and black cherry fruit, with some spice and tar notes. There’s lovely complexity here: hints of gravel and chalk and chocolate, and good concentration, too. The ripe blackberry fruit fills the palate. Ripe, for sure, but also balanced and complex, with the potential to develop over a couple of decades, but there’s no reason not to drink it now. 94/100

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  1. Coastal Tuscany is THE place for world class Cab Franc. Paleo opened the door for this extraordinary varietal to take center stage and not a supporting role as it does in Bordeaux blends. The strong sun, sea breeze and rocky soil are ideal for this varietal. Watch for up and coming wineries like Fornacelle, producers of Foglio 38 as well as Giovanni Chiappini’s Leina. The area’s younger producers are no longer looked at as second tier wineries as Chiappini’s recent 100 Point Wine Enthusiast rating of Guado de Gemoli proves!

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