A serious Hungarian Chardonnay from Grof Buttler


A serious Hungarian Chardonnay from Grof Buttler

I’m off to Hungary next week, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to blog about this rather stylish Hungarian Chardonnay. It’s from Grof Buttler, a producer I know little about, but which I’d like to know better. They are based in Eger, and their currently unreconstructed website is here.

Gróf Buttler Chardonnay 2009 Eger, Hungary
14.5% alcohol. A rich, ripe expression of Chardonnay with sweet pear and white peach fruit. Broad texture and subtle toastiness, as well as a smoky, mineral edge. Ripe and warm, yet classy and restrained, showing admirable purity. Perhaps a touch alcoholic, but real class. 90/100

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5 thoughts on “A serious Hungarian Chardonnay from Grof Buttler

  1. Buttler is one of the 2 best producers in Eger, with large holding on the limestone grand cru, Nagy-Eged (though this Chardonnay comes from another vineyard). Agree with Anders above that the Viognier is brilliant, as well as Egri Bikaver and Syrah from the Nagy-Eged. The high alcohol is courtesy of the vintage, though Buttler opts for a ripe style and often has (well-integrated) 15% in the reds. The winery is currently under a change of ownership so it remains to be seen if the style is adjusted.
    See you next week!

  2. Hallo

    Ein Freund von uns (ein Weinliebhaber)heisst zufällig Buttler,wäre nett ihn mit Grof Buttler zu überraschen.wo kann man den Wein kaufen?

    Gruss Vindrum

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