Tasting teeth after another day’s judging

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Tasting teeth after another day’s judging

Today has been hard work, but thoroughly enjoyable. Best of all, we are finding plenty of wines that we can stand behind as South Africa’s top 100.

I have tasting teeth tonight, though. After a full day hard at work tasting, my teeth turn a red/black colour. It’s important you don’t brush them too hard, because the enamel will have softened.

Tim Atkin deserves praise for the way he has chaired the whole event. No easy task: even with talented, experienced tasters, there will be some wines that ignite rigorous debate.

Also in need of some credit is Cathy van Zyl, who has chaired our panel brilliantly. It has made the whole process efficient and painless.
The pictures are from a lunchtime wander, when it was sunny, and a morning stroll before breakfast, when the sea mist had rolled in.

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