In Chile!

chile from the road

In Chile!

In Chile! I’m spending this week exploring Chile, and in particular some of the newer cool-climate wine regions. The journey here has been a long one for this merry band of five: David Williams, Chris Losh, Peter Richards, Emma Wellings (leading the trip) and myself.

We set off from Heathrow for an 11 hour flight to Sao Paolo, then flew to Buenos Aires (on the same plane), and then hopped across to Santiago, where we took a small private plane to Bio Bio, where we now are.

The airport was closed (it’s Sunday), so to exit we had to walk to the perimeter fence and climb through barbed wire. Now we’re enjoying the balmy summer evening, waiting for dinner. The hard work starts tomorrow.

Pictured is the view from the plane on the way down here, towards the Andes; Chris and Emma having some quality banter, and captain Peter Richards who sat up front next to the pilot.

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  1. Good search for you, Jamie. I went to Santiago last week on a work trip but enjoyed the last 2 days visiting two organic wineries: one at Maipo Valley (Ofdjell) and the other at Casablanca Valley (Emiliana). I liked both.
    Maybe someday you can explore the brazilian wines, specially the sparkling ones.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Just back from Chile myself. If you have time check out Vik, over the hill from Lapostelle in Apalta. Very impressive start up.

    I’d also recommend El Principal in Pirque (Maipo).


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