Mirabeau: a Provence rose with social media support


Mirabeau: a Provence rose with social media support

Here’s a great example of how to market wine in the age of social media. Normally, another Provence rose coming onto the market would be treated with a big yawn. There are plenty of them already, and they can tend to look and taste the same. So how do you differentiate yours from the others, and get that all important listing?

Well, Stephen Cronk, a British ex-pat who moved to the region, has done just this by using the internet and social media to tell his story very well. It’s a given that you have to get the wine right to succeed these days – and he’s done this – but it’s also vital to be able to tell an authentic story in ways that people will relate to.

The new digital conversation offers a chance to do this directly. I haven’t seen many producers do this as effectively as Steven, who in addition to having a superb website has made good use of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. He’s done well to get the wine listed with high-end UK supermarket Waitrose (here), and it will be interesting to see whether his social media presence helps to shift these bottles.

Mirabeau Provence Rosé 2010 Côtes de Provence, France
12.5% alcohol. Attractive packaging. Nicely textured and fresh with appealing cherry fruit. This is bright and crisp but also has some of that Provence texture, subtle sweetness and richness of flavour. 86/100 (£8.99 Waitrose)

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8 thoughts on “Mirabeau: a Provence rose with social media support

  1. There’s no link to the winery website or social media in your text, which limits the digital ‘conversation’.

    BTW, isn’t it telling that it takes a Brit to do this at all with a Provence rose?

  2. Absolutely nice website and communication, chapeau. I really enjoyed reading and watching a few videos. I’ve even subscribed at their newsletter. It doesn’t take much to do it well, does it? Well done Mirabeau.

  3. Hi Jamie

    Thanks for sharing this site. It does a great job of being itself, being genuine and informal and informative. The education pieces are light and interesting without being pedantic.

    They make great use of rich media and smartly use the broad range of digital publishing channels available.

    I don’t think though that I would highlight the social aspect as much. They have the requisite panel of shares but the social dynamics of the site is not its appeal nor its intent. Great design. Digital obviously but the social loops are ‘have to’s’ not the core. Choice of a ‘forum’ rather than a blog platform is a case in point.

    Not a criticism. Good market design uses social as appropriate for the intent and the audience. I think they will find that the social driven traffic is smaller than it could be but without details I can’t comment.

    Great to find your site.

    I’m a wine enthusiasts (on the natural side) and a consultant in social design in NY. This is me– http://arnoldwaldstein.com and http://arnoldwaldstein.com/wine.

    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for the article Jamie. And I’m really interested and encouraged by the ensuing comments. As Jamie points out, we’re just trying to do things a little differently at Mirabeau. We love wine and really want to help a few other people to get the wine bug too. To think a little about what they’re drinking (and why) and to start to feel more confident and less threatened by the subject.

    Anyway, we’ve made around 100 videos now but this is the first time they’ve been watched by anyone other than my Mum. So thanks for the positive feedback and please keep in touch.

    Keep smiling


  5. Hi Jamie

    Any chance of adding rosé as a category to your site? Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I really like drinking rosé in the summer months, and it seems so overlooked. Why is that?

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