A lovely white Burgundy from Sauzet

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A lovely white Burgundy from Sauzet

Sometimes the hierarchy of Burgundy vineyards can be a bit of a problem. It magnifies the label effect: when critics see the name Grand Cru on a label, it usually adds points to the score. It’s hard for them to break the hierarchy and give better scores to wines from more lowly vineyards. Here’s a really super Bourgogne from Sauzet. It this was from New Zealand or Australia, people would go nuts for it. But then the price is probably the same as a top example from these countries. Anyway, I liked it quite a bit.

Etienne Sauzet Bourgogne Blanc ‘La Tufera’ 2008 Burgundy, France
12.5% alcohol. Taut, full flavoured and quite sophisticated, this shows nice lemony fruit with some ripe cox apple notes, as well as just a hint of toast, as well as some minerality. It’s fruity and textured – not austere – but still has a lovely tight, savoury character. This is proper white Burgundy. 91/100 (£18.40 Tanners here, Winedirect.co.uk)

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  1. That’s right, Jamie. In my opinion, the “heart” of Burgundy lies in the so-called “lowly vineyards”, especially the village appellations. On the other hand, who can afford to by all those fancy top crus? 🙂

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