My first proper Chinese wine


My first proper Chinese wine

Chang Yu Chinese Wine

So I finally get to taste a proper Chinese wine, made from Chinese-grown grapes (although I may have tasted a proper Chinese wine when I was in Beijing in 2006; I can’t remember.) It’s made by ChangYu Pioneer Wine Company in collaboration with Lenz Moser’s TBX.

It tasted quite good. Like an inexpensive Loire Cabernet Franc actually. In fact, a dead ringer for a cheap Chinon.

ChangYu Cabernet d’Est 2010 Ningxia Region, China
This is a varietal Cabernet Gernischt (a cross of Cabernets Franc and Sauvignon), from vineyards at 1100 m. Bright red in colour, it has a very Cabernet Franc like nose of leafy green berry fruits. The palate is fresh and slightly green with some cherry and berry fruit, as well as some grippy tannins. Supple and very Loire-like, with a hint of rusticity about it. 87/100

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5 thoughts on “My first proper Chinese wine

  1. Why does it taste like a “cheap” Chinon rather than an inexpensive, value-priced, or some other less pejorative adjective? The description of the wine does not seem as though it tastes cheap.

  2. Matt, because it doesn’t taste like a top quality Loire red. Value-priced would sound ludicrous. I think my meaning was quite clear and not desperately perjorative.

    Marc, thanks for the tip

  3. Actually I think it was merely patonizing as distinct from a narrative of the wine’s shortcommings and whether these are terroir, cultivar, oneological or a cocktail. Its a nascent industry there afterall and seriousness deserves its like.

  4. No need post my last comment. Too much like trolling to persist especially since I rather like your postings and truly enjoyed reading authentic wine. Thanks for your work.

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