Two from Mayu


Two from Mayu

Very happy to find two delicious wines in Asda at a fiver each. They are a pair from Chilean producer Mayu, located in the stunning and remote Elqui region in the north. They are made by Italian ex-pat Giorgio Flessati (above), who is the winemaker at Falernia and Mayu, two closely related companies.

The white is a novel take on the Pedro Ximenez grape, which is grown here for Pisco production. It’s fresh, lively, slightly herby and quite mineral. Very tasty.

The Mayu Sangiovese 2008 is one of the most convincing interpretations of this tricky grape variety that I’ve encountered outside Italy. It shows fresh, focused cherry fruit with a hint of plummy bitterness. It’s generously fruity with freshness and just a hint of nice reduction.

Both wines are worth their £7.98 asking price, but on special at £5 they represent that rare beast of a discounted supermarket wine that actually is a bargain. Pictured below: the Elqui Valley.

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  1. The white is fabulous, complementing a roast pork joint equivalent to a wine twice the price, a bargain for a fiver, thoroughly recommended

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