Horses in the vineyard


Horses in the vineyard

Just been for a pleasant horse ride in the vineyard here in Bio Bio. Coincidentally, I am just reading Cormac McCarthy’s All the pretty horses, so I’m quite into horses at the moment. Mine was a stout little beast who responded well to a quick clip of the heels on the midriff for about 20 seconds, and then slowed down to a glacial pace again. But at least he didn’t throw me off.

A tasting of the Veranda Pinot Noirs revealed a gem – the 2007 Millerandage, which is thrilling – top quality, but expensive in the UK at £34.99 (Bibendum are the agent). Progress is being made here with Pinot. Will be interesting to revisit in five years when more has been learned and the exciting-looking new vineyards are online.

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  1. Looks like a nice trip. It would be interesting to know how the Chileans are factoring in the considerable rainfall risk in parts of that region. As I understand it, last year was atypically wet and there was a lot of rot problems in some areas. Perhaps enough to make some people think twice about further plantings – or was that further south still?

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