The Sparkling Wine Review

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The Sparkling Wine Review

I’m involved with an exciting new project: the Sparkling Wine Review.

It’s a benchmarking exercise for sparkling wines, and this November will see its debut. Producers from around the world send in their sparkling wines for assessment by an expert panel, and as well as scoring the wines (a bit like a competition), they get a benchmarking report including sensory and technical analysis, as well as comments on suitability for the marketplace.

It always feels a bit daunting getting involved with a new project like this. You are really putting your neck on the line: what if it doesn’t succeed? But we hope that the novel concept, the quality of the tasters, and the tie-in with the International Sparkling Wine Symposium (version 2 is due to take place in Spain next June) will help make this a great success. If you know of any sparkling wine producers, please do spread the word.

The chairs are: Sam Harrop, John Worontschak, Jean-Marc Sauboua, and we also have Pieter Ferreira and Peter Liem on board.

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