In Reims, buying Champagne


In Reims, buying Champagne


I’ve been here in Reims since Friday, drawn here by my growing love of Champagne. It has been nice to explore the town a bit, and my self-imposed rule is that while I’m here, I’ll be drinking nothing but fizz. So I have been on the lookout for places to buy good Champagne. There are three really good options.


The first is the Club Trésors de Champagne, which is an association of 28 artisan growers. Here you can buy their wines, plus also the Special Club bottlings that they all make. Prices are really good: lots of fun to be had here in the 20-30 Euro zone. The shop is very stylish and modern, too, and it’s near the large market.


The other two shops are both very close to the Cathedral. Pictured above is Cave des Sacres. This old school shop has a brilliant selection of wines, including a lot of top grower Champagnes. There’s an awful lot of interesting wine here, although they don’t like you taking photographs.



Le Parvis (Place du Cardinal Lucon, 51100, Reims) is a more modern shop, but there’s still a lot of good grower Champagne here, and they have some good things that Cave des Sacres don’t, such as Gimonnet. Prices don’t seem excessive either. Between these three shops you can drink very well during your stay in Reims.

le clos

Also worth a mention is Le Clos (25 Rue du Temple, 51100 Reims) a wine bar very close to Club Trésors. It’s quite quirkily decorated, and as well as offering a good list of fizz and still wines, it also has a wide range of Champagnes for sale which you can drink-in for a 15 Euro supplement.

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  1. for Cave des Sacres…they don’t even like you to touch the bottles!! but anyway, the champagne selection is quite interesting.

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