Champagne Dom Perignon P2 1998


Champagne Dom Perignon P2 1998


It’s hard to taste a famous wine with a completely clear mind. Sometimes you are wary about giving too high a score: would you have liked it as much if it was tasted blind? Or you might knock it back a bit, just because it’s a celebrity wine. It was nice to drink this a few weeks ago, and even nicer to find that it lived up to its reputation. So, my score is my score.

Champagne Dom Perignon P2 1998 France
Beautifully elegant, finely toasty, perfumed creamy pear and peach fruit with precise citrus fruit. Such a lovely aroma here – developed but pure and perfect. Hazelnut, toast, ripe apples, even some glacé cherries. Bready and fine. 96/100
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