Champagne, City and the last day of the Challenge


Champagne, City and the last day of the Challenge

lord's cricket ground

Spent the day at Lord’s today, for the final day of the International Wine Challenge. Just a small band of 12 tasters, deciding on the final trophies and value awards. Remarkably, the sun was out and the home of cricket was looking its normal lovely self. I’ve enjoyed the last couple of weeks a good deal. I feel my palate is now sharpened up, ready for judging in Hungary next week, which I’m looking forward to.

This evening was the big game. Manchester City (the team I follow) playing Manchester United (this is football, aka soccer). With just three games left to play, City trailed UTD by 3 points in the Premiership. UTD of late have won it lots. City haven’t won it since the season during which I was born.

In a nervous, hard-fought game, City won 1-0, with their captain, a universally respected Belgian defender, scoring the winner on the stroke of half time. This means that with two games left to play, City have a very slight edge, with the same number of points as UTD but a better goal difference. In reality, if City win their remaining two games, they have won the premiership. It is very exciting.

marc chauvet champagne

To celebrate, I’m drinking some Champagne. It’s the Marc Chauvet NV Brut. Powerful flavours of toast and citrus fruit with a pithy, grippy edge to the bold fruity flavours. This has lots of character, and it’s great value at £19.99 from The Real Wine Company.

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  1. Congrats Jamie (grrr !) nice Champs and can only wonder what line-up of further Champs you will unleash if City do actually become ‘Champs’ ! It remains to be seen about United, but I sense a period of mediocrity as a little rebuild is required. For American readers we are discussing the football equivalent of the Superbowl. Or in wine terms, I guess the IWC’s would be the Champions League and the Premiership could be Decanter !? Or perhaps given your efforts of the last week the IWC’s are comparable to the Marathon that is the Premiership whereas the Champs League is actually Decanter – after all the best 2 teams in the world (Real and Barca) will only be getting bronze medals !

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