Prince Edward County, Ontario (10) Grange of Prince Edward


Prince Edward County, Ontario (10) Grange of Prince Edward

Caroline Granger

The Grange of Prince Edward is one of the larger players in the County with 60 acres of vineyard, and they make only estate wines.

Vineyards at the Grange
Limestone-rich soils

‘The project took on a life of its own,’ says Caroline Granger. She returned to the family farm (her parents had bought it in the 1970s) as a single mother with three kids, and decided wine was the future. Initially, the Grangers had only planted 10 acres of grapes, but between 2001 and 2005 they planted 50 acres of vines and converted the 1826 barn into a tasting and events room. In 2010 her daughter Maggie moved back to join in.

Maggie Granger

‘We are trying to figure out what we don’t need to do,’ says Maggie Granger, whose vineyards have a slightly wild look to them. ‘I like to see them wild, abundant and thriving,’ she says. ‘We are trying to create a bioculture in the soils. We are just leaving what works.’

Grange of Prince Edward Untraditional Chardonnay 2013 Prince Edward County, Canada
This is a Pet Nat that was harvested at 17 Brix, fermented to dryness and then some 2014 juice was added, with the aim of starting a second fermentation. Four years later it decided to ferment. Distinctive, savoury and intense with nice citrus, pear and peach notes as well as some spritz, and some cheesy hints. Not for everyone. 89/100

Grange of Prince Edward County Cremant 2013 Prince Edward County, Canada
A blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay. This is a traditional method sparkling amber with 48 h skin contact. Second ferment is with a neutral organic yeast strain, and it doesn’t do a full second ferment. Notes of apples, pears and spice with a touch of cherry and a hint of raisin. Deep gold in colour with some sweetness. 87/100

Grange of Prince Edward County Cremant 2012 Prince Edward County, Canada
This describes itself as a traditional method sparkling citrine. Golden in colour it has some apple and spice with rich peach notes and a cidery bite. Distinctive with nice acidity. Lively and intense with some sweetness. 86/100

Grange of Prince Edward Pinot Gris 2017 Prince Edward County, Canada
This has 36 h skin contact. Lovely apple and pear skin notes with some nice tension and purity. Has lovely texture and weight but also some freshness. Very fine. 92/100

Grange of Prince Edward Cabernet Franc 2016 Prince Edward County, Canada
They pick this 10 days earlier than their neighbours, and it has very low SO2. Spends two years in old barrels. Lovely red cherry, apple and raspberry fruit. Quite elegant style with harmonious texture and a nice savoury twist. Supple and smooth. 90/100

Grange of Prince Edward Bunny Wine Field Blend 2016 Prince Edward County, Canada
A 50/50 blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, made in magnum. This has lovely texture and spiciness with cherries and plums. Has some juiciness and also a bit of spicy detail. Very fine and expressive with a lovely hint of wildness. 93/100

Grange of Prince Edward Chardonnay 2017 Prince Edward County, Canada
Showing apple, pear and citrus fruit, this is quite a fleshy style with sweet fruit to the fore. Very expressive. 92/00

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