Broc Cellars Valdiguié 2012


Broc Cellars Valdiguié 2012

broc valdigue

This is a lovely wine. It’s made from the Valdiguié grape variety, a rather unremarkable variety from southern France that once was popular in California because of its disease resistance, where it was known as California Gamay. However, it was judged to make rather ordinary wine, and now only 300 acres or so are left. However, like other ‘ordinary’ varieties such as Cinsault, Carignan and Pais, Valdiguié is capable of making really superb, drinkable wines. It all depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for deep, powerful, rich, dark-coloured wines, don’t come here. But if you want something elegant, nicely poised and drinkable, this is for you.

Broc Cellars Valdiguié 2012 Solano County, California
12% alcohol. Very fine, fresh and natural. Perfumed black cherry, red cherry and plum nose with a hint of leathery savouriness. The palate is supple, pure and elegant, with a light body and delicious cherry fruit. Lots of detail here: a really pure, expressive wine with freshness and vitality. So drinkable. 93/100 (available in the UK from Roberson Wine)

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3 thoughts on “Broc Cellars Valdiguié 2012

  1. Pretty much everything that Broc puts out is really, really good. Relatively good values (at least stateside) too.
    Drinking some 2013 Broc, Cuvee 13.1 as I write this.
    The 2013 Nero D’avola is shockingly good, if you can find it on your side of the world

  2. Well all is so subjective AND fashion related. What was good isn’t anymore etc.. Light simple wines were regarded as table wines for lunch etc..
    Still great indeed to enjoy. Just putting down the other ones also produced for centuries is somewhat denying the experiences you mentioned of tasting 89 yr old wine etc etc..
    Different wines have different focus, uses, life span, development or not etcetc..

  3. I tried to like this wine. It was very unusual and different. I kept tasting tamarind and raw, unripe plums.

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