Tim Atkin’s Special Report on Burgundy 2010


Tim Atkin’s Special Report on Burgundy 2010

tim atkin special report burgundy

I wanted to draw readers’ attention to the newly released special report on Burgundy 2010 by fellow wine writer Tim Atkin.

It’s an impressive 53 page in-depth look at this vintage, based on both a visit to the region and 16 tastings held in London. But it’s much more than just endless tasting notes. Tim’s strength is that he is skilled in breaking up the information and presenting it in different ways, and the report is really easy on the eye, with his excellent photography and some stylish design work.

I also like the fact that this is all Tim’s work: it’s one person’s palate. I see no value in a report that has tasting notes from several different tasters, no matter how well qualified they are. We have different palates, and a tasting note only has value if you can get to know the palate of the taster a little bit, and understand where you are likely to agree or disagree. In this case, Tim tasted 2000 wines, he reckons, to come up with this report. He didn’t taste every Burgundy 2010, but I’d much rather have his report than one that was even more comprehensive but which relied on more than one taster.

The report is available for download only as a pdf (www.timatkin.com), and costs £10. For anyone thinking of buying any Burgundy 2010, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

But I also wanted to talk about this report because it has broader relavence: showing a way forward for wine publishing. Tim will likely make enough money out of this project to make the considerable investment in time worthwhile. Readers have a publication of great utility. Of course, not everyone is interested enough in Burgundy 2010 to make this a must-buy proposition. But enough people are, and traditional publishing can’t meet this need. Books and magazines are unable to do what Tim has achieved here.


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  1. Whilst I am a fan of Tim’s writing I can’t see any value in paying £10 for an en primeur report that has been published after most of the wines have already sold out…

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