The 2009s from DRC


The 2009s from DRC

domaine de la romanee conti tasting

Off to Corney & Barrow this morning to taste the 2009s from the legendary Domaine de la Romanee Conti, which we all know as DRC.

Of course, it is virtually impossible to taste such celebrated wines completely objectively. But we try. It’s one of the superstar domaines that really lives up to the hype. Many tasters sit around the periphery of the room on the red velvet backed chairs and take ages to write their notes. I prefer to stand, and taste at my normal speed – which isn’t fast, but isn’t too slow, either. After all, how long can you spend on a single, perfectly adequate, but small pour?

My full notes are here. The wines were great. Much fresher and lass ‘2009’ than I was expecting. Quite brilliant really. Here’s a short film of the tasting:

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