Coutet 2005: let’s drink more Sauternes


Coutet 2005: let’s drink more Sauternes

chateau coutet sauternes

Had this last night. Lovely wine. Sauternes/Barsac is one of the great sweet wines of the world and it is currently undervalued. While red Bordeaux has steadily got more expensive, the sweet wines have stayed sanely priced, especially considering the risk producing them. This wine was beautiful.

Château Coutet Premier Cru Classé Sauternes-Barsac 2005 Bordeaux, France
14% alcohol. From half bottle. Concentrated and smooth, this has a lively citrus edge to the apricot, peach and melon fruit. There’s a creamy richness to the texture and hints of lanolin and wax, with sweetness, richness, spiciness and acidity well balanced. Drinking beautifully with grape and honey richness lingering on the finish. An elegant expression of Sauternes. 93/100

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One thought on “Coutet 2005: let’s drink more Sauternes

  1. Jamie ecrit
    ‘….and it is currently undervalued.’
    No it’s not, red Bordeaux is overvalued!
    If the demand for sweet white Bordeaux was as great as that for dry red, the producers would ‘overvalue’ it accordingly.
    So Hush hush ))

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