Two nice beers


Two nice beers

Regular readers will know that I occasionally foray into territory other than wine. Most frequently, this involves beer.

I’ve been tasting some beers for a future Sunday Express column this evening, and two stood out.

First, Tesco Finest Traditional Porter, from Harviestoun Brewery. It’s inky dark and full of flavour, with lovely malt, chocolate and roast coffee notes. Thick textured and delicious.

Secondly, Innis & Gunn’s Triple Matured Oak-Aged Beer. Innis & Gunn flirt with spoofiness with some of their beers, but this carries it off. It’s rich and sweet, with striking vanilla and coconut notes from the oak. The Rioja of beers.

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  1. Jamie, if you are getting into beer, other than Belgium you should consider looking into Italy. Since 1995 the laws changed and promoted a huge beer “movement”, there are now over 400 microbreweries. One of my favourite Extra Omnes but there are many others. I must say it is a pleasure to go back to the home country and discover all these very original beers, where once there was only Peroni and Moretti (yuch).



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