St Peter’s Organic Ale


St Peter’s Organic Ale

Back to the International Wine Challenge today. This week we are judging the wines that passed from last, awarding them medals, and in a few cases demoting some. Had another great panel today. The wine trade is full of interesting and friendly people, it seems.

I’ve been working hard this evening, so it’s time to begin unwinding with a glass of ale. The beer in question, St Peter’s Organic Ale, is one of my favourites, and hails from Suffolk ( It’s a golden ale with a lovely fresh, gently malty, nicely hoppily bitter character. Lots of flavour, not too fizzy, and not at all heavy. This would be a great food beer. Widely available at just under £2 a bottle (I got this from my local Asda).

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  1. For an artisan beer, I find it intersing that St Peters. is contract bottled. Contract bottling appears to devalue the perception of wine, for example Marlborough Sauvignon. Does this matter for beer in your view Jamie?

  2. I think contract bottling is very sensible. If the contract bottler is doing their job properly, then they are the experts and should have a greater level of control over oxygen pick-up, the biggest danger at bottling, than would be possible in a small brewer’s own facility.

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