Exciting times in the world of beer


Exciting times in the world of beer

OK, this is a wine blog, but I am obsessed by flavour, and I’m enjoying beer quite a bit at the moment, and I suspect that many readers will also have an interest in interesting beer.

The beer world is going through a very exciting phase at the moment. It used to exist in a very limited flavour space, with lots of different beers, many of which tasted quite similar. The beer space was also quite codified: you had to fit into one of a few categories (stout, lager, session bitter, golden ale, pale ale, etc.).

Now things have changed, and many brewers have lost their fear of flavour, and are making really interesting, characterful beers. The American craft beer scene has been one of the drivers of this revolution, and I have just written up a craft beer lunch that was one of the most amazing flavour experiences that I’ve had, here.

Even in supermarkets you can now buy some really interesting beers, as the above selection purchased yesterday from Waitrose shows. None of these bottles was more expensive than £2.50, which makes beer really accessible to anyone. It’s a really good time to be drinking beer.

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4 thoughts on “Exciting times in the world of beer

  1. “It used to exist in a very limited flavour space”

    Wow, I think you’ve managed to break the internet with a phrase like that.

  2. There is a great beer event happening in Manchester early October organised by a couple of craft beer pubs. I’m sure you have plenty of opportunities for the scene in London but a craft beer festival in the Victoria Baths is something to reckon with I believe.
    It’s called the Indy Man Beer Con (Independent Manchester Beer Convention), 5th and 6th August (www.indymanbeercon.com) and there will be the best food scene Manchester as to offer (Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in this venture, just a fan of tastebud excitement like you).

    Now we need to win some wine battles in the North. Too few places to drink good wine.

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