Beer: St Stefanus Blonde in 75 cl bottle


Beer: St Stefanus Blonde in 75 cl bottle

st stefanus

Now this is a really smart beer. It’s a Belgian beer with aspirational ideas, and it’s now available in 75 cl bottles.

Belgian beers are really interesting, but they tend to be niche. Supermarkets generally stock Leffe (in both Brune and Blonde forms, the latter being very respectable and quite affordable when on promotion), Duvel (quite tasty) and Chimay Blue (sort of tasty, but not my favourite).

This new arrival is distributed by SAB Miller, so it should become quite widely available. It’s St Stefanus, and effectively this is new packaging for an existing Belgian ale called Augustijn. I think the branding is very attractive, and the beer is also delicious. It would be great to see beers like this turn people towards Belgian beers more generally.

St Stefanus Blonde Abbey Beer, Belgium
7% alcohol. Complex, aromatic and richly textured. There’s some spiciness here, as well as some savoury notes. In addition, there’s a subtle medicinal character adding complex to the richly textured, warm sweet fruitiness. Lovely beer. 8.5/10

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