What is it?
A beer website created by two wine people: Jamie Goode (wine journalist,, drinks writer The Sunday Express) and Daniel Primack (General Manager at Around Wine, selling wonderful wine glasses, wine storage equipment and fridges + accessories).

What will you find there?
Unfettered enthusiasm about interesting beer is the order of the day, without any of the usual baggage. We’ll try our best to keep it amusing, engaging and utterly honest, of course.

Why did we start this?
We both love interesting beer. And beer has gotten a lot more interesting of late. The craft beer movement has revitalised this sector, and we reckon it’s going to get a lot bigger, and a lot more interesting. Let’s face it, great beer is still niche, and it isn’t taken as seriously as wine – especially in the context of restaurants. We think this is beginning to change, which is why we wanted to share our enthusiasm for decent beer and give recognition to the very best brewers.

Aren’t there already lots of beer websites and blogs?
Yes, and there are some excellent ones. Does ours have something fresh to say, and a point of difference? We think so, but really that’s up to you to judge. We hope there’s room for fresh voices in the world of beer writing, and that’s what we hope to provide.

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Jamie Goode /Daniel Primack

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