An utterly mind-blowing beer


An utterly mind-blowing beer

mikkeller i beat you

I’m aware that this is a wine blog, but I assume that readers are interested more broadly in great flavour experiences, so occasionally I dabble in food and other drinks. This is one such occasion.

It’s a fabulous beer from Mikkeller (website here), which is the project of Danish brewrer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. One of my greatest ever beer experiences.

Mikkeller I Beat You IPA
Deep orange/brown colour. Amazing aromatics: sweet, floral tropical fruit and spice notes. The palate is super-concentrated and rich with lovely fruity notes kept fresh by spicy, bitter hoppiness. Very rich yet still fresh with sweet toffee and malt bass notes countered by the citrus, spice and bitter hoppy treble notes. Mindblowingly good. 9.5/10

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  1. That’s an irresistible recco Jamie! But a quick g-search throws up no obvious UK suppliers. What is your source?

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