Off to Australia for Rootstock


Off to Australia for Rootstock

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So I’m off to Australia. Should be in the sky right now, somewhere between London and Singapore. Boarded the plane (BA0015), sat there for 2 hours, and then deplaned (is that really a verb?) because of a technical fault with the in flight entertainment system. Apparently, passengers will die if they don’t have access to Hollywood movies on a 12 hour flight.

So they told us to come back tomorrow, same time, same place. Yes: I lost a whole day of my trip because of technical issues with an in flight entertainment system! Initially, they wanted us to stay on the plane so they could feed us airline food before bussing us to hotels (I guess airline food is cheaper – it’s already on the plane and will be thrown away otherwise), but then they decided that because the flight would be moved fully 24 hours, that perhaps they should let those of us who wanted to get home, leave the plane.

When I eventually get there, I’m going to be taking part in Rootstock. No, it’s not a conference about rootstocks (which would be geeky and slightly boring for most). Instead, it’s a natural and authentic wine fair for consumers. The producer list is amazing. If you are anywhere near Sydney this weekend, you need to be there.

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After that, I have a killer itinerary that takes me across a number of regions, visiting some of the most interesting producers. I am very excited by the prospect of making a lot of new discoveries. If I ever get there on BA0015. There’s even a news article on Wine Australia’s website about my visit!

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  1. Bad luck !! BA really are the pits !! Our flight to the Cape was delayed two hours because a flight from Paris with a few connecting passengers was delayed.
    So 340 of us were inconvenienced so that BA did not have to pay for a few passengers hotel bills etc

    Enjoy the visit when you finally get there . You are becoming quite a celebrity and no doubt a few Goode groupies

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