Lethbridge, a winery built of straw


Lethbridge, a winery built of straw

I have just written up a review of the wonderful wines of Lethbridge, from Australia’s Geelong region, not far from Melbourne. I really liked them, and you can read the review here.

I’ve not visited it, but the winery is actually quite remarkable. Think Grand Designs. It is built out of straw bales, by a company named Huff n’ Puff Constructions (with whose permission I have reproduced these photos here).

It’s a really environmentally friendly way to build because of the insulating properties of the straw.

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2 thoughts on “Lethbridge, a winery built of straw

  1. Kind of a 21st century “wattle and daub”? There’s quite a few places been built in the west country UK this way, but I wonder with our damp how long that straw will last between the walls.

  2. I think these straw houses are a great idea. They’re quite popular in California (along with rammed earth houses – my favourite), but then the weather here is more straw-house-friendly!

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