A brilliant unoaked Malbec at the Gaucho


A brilliant unoaked Malbec at the Gaucho

Met up with my buddy and co-author Sam Harrop today for lunch. We were at Gaucho in Richmond, sitting outside as the swollen Thames flowed by in dappled sunlight, plotting our next moves in wine world domination, and sharing our mutual guilt at having made less progress than we really ought to have made on the book we are working on.

With our rib-eye and empanadas, we drank a really fabulous unoaked Malbec from Colome, the Terruno 2011. This is so fresh, dark, vibrant and juicy, it’s like drinking a really good cask sample. And sometimes that’s just what you want. Youthful essence of ripe Malbec in a glass. Sweet, floral, packed with well defined fruit and utterly, utterly drinkable. It’s almost £50 on the list, but this is the Gaucho we are talking about: very expensive, but very, very good.

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6 thoughts on “A brilliant unoaked Malbec at the Gaucho

  1. As I clicked on this site I said to myself “I hope Jamie hasn’t gone and reviewed an Argentinian wine on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Falklands War”! I love the Gaucho – excellent wines, excellent food and a showcase for what the Argentinian wine industry can do. Unfortunately, until the Argentinian government stops its harrassment of the Falkland Islanders I will not be buying any Argentinian goods or supporting Argentine businesses, and I encourage other British wine-drinkers to do the same.

    Ideally, wine and politics shouldn’t mix and no doubt many people will disagree with the above. However, I thought the point should be made since this (excellent) blog covers all aspects of the wine business.

  2. I agree that this is a brillant wine blog, politics should not be mixed!!
    And wine should not be mixed either as it shouldn’t so many other things, I am a wine producer in Argentina, and I have my view of England that is as of many countries think of it: such a small wet and cold place with hardly any resourses but with some of the biggest reserves in gold and assets, earned how? conquering, pirats, etc etc… (harrassment over the falklands VS. pirats and anhilating cultures to take its resources) but we still love english literature, music, cars, I even like the english accent and can spend a whole 4 days watching a cricket test match, I believe Rugby is the greatest of all english creation and greatesr game there is!
    Things should not be mixed. what a producer makes of its land is not a political agenda.
    Go grab some wine you like, more likely comes from another country, nore likely had an issue with England at some point in history.

  3. SDP – your post made me smile and I offer you a virtual handshake across the internet. Where can we buy your wines in the UK?

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for your review on this wonderful unoaked malbec. It’s one of the best wines I have ever had and now I’m trying to purchase it online and cannot find it. Can you assist?


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