The remarkable viticulture of Dry River, Martinborough, New Zealand

I have just published an extended write-up of a visit to one of New Zealand’s most exciting producers: Dry River, Martinborough. Here, I want to focus on one aspect of what they do – their viticulture, which is remarkable.

The vineyards are immaculate. A split canopy system called Scott Henry is employed, with both upward and downward growing canopies. The fruit zone is meticulously hand plucked, which reduces disease pressure and also increases light exposure.

To further increase light exposure, a white reflective matting, called Extenday (website here) is placed under the rows. This reflects sunlight back onto the grapes.

A short film of the vineyard, with winemaker Poppy Hammond and viticulturalist Shayne Hammond, is below:

1 comment to The remarkable viticulture of Dry River, Martinborough, New Zealand

  • Thank you for the extended version of the Dry River interview. These people make some of the finest examples of Pinot Noir and they are held in very high esteem by their peers. I was treated to a ’94 in 1999 and I can say it was amazing.

    *small spelling glitch towards the bottom of your article where you say “After four or five wines…” . I think you meant “years”.


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