The new edition of my book Wine Science/The Science of Wine


I’m delighted to say that if you are as nerdy about wine as I am, there’s a new book coming out next month that will be just up your street.

OK, I am a little biased. It’s the new version of Wine Science, which in the USA is published as The Science of Wine. Both books are identical, save for the covers. This time, it’s just the title on the cover that is different: the rather fetching cover design is the same for both editions, which should stop any confusion (last time I kept getting e-mails asking me whether I’d advise buying both).

If you have access to, then you can get the book from February 3rd. If you have access to, you can get it at the beginning of April. The publishers are unable to tell me yet whether (and when, if so) a Kindle version will be available. If you can’t buy books from amazon, then getting hold of it may depend on who is working for the publisher in your particular territory. I’ll quiz both Mitchell Beazley (UK publisher) and University of California Press, and publish a list of distributors in the major potential markets.

So, the big question: if you have a copy of the first edition, should you buy this new one? It is nine years now since I wrote the first edition, and I have learned a great deal in the time since then – a lot of this new-found knowledge has gone into the second edition. There are a few entirely new chapters, and everything has been revised.

Also, it’s now in full colour! So, yes, you really MUST buy a copy, even if you have the original.

To buy from Wine Science: The Application of Science in Winemaking

To buy from The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass

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