Fruity with a hint of drought, an article of mine in Nature

Those with a science background will understand why I’m chuffed to have got an article into the comments section of leading scientific journal Nature. It’s on the subject of climate change and wine.

You can read it here.

I also went into Nature’s HQ near Kings Cross to do a podcast on the topic, including some wine tasting. You can listen to this here.

6 comments to Fruity with a hint of drought, an article of mine in Nature

  • AdamF

    Well done on the Nature article!

  • Congratulation Jamie, when I was doing my previous job I’d killed to get a paper published on Nature.

  • Jack Hibberd

    That is an excellent piece – clear, concise and interesting. The box copy is particularly strong, I think.

  • Congratulations, as an ex-scientist (which it has been pointed out to you is not correct, so non-practicing scientist could be used??) from a biological field I understand your elation. Just read it and its a great piece, I found your site after reading your wonderful book The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass , I have ordered the Sav Blanc book, keep up the technical writing.

  • Alex lake

    Good stuff! You might have bumped into my friend Karl, but he’s Physics, so probably not your area…

  • Fascinating to see where vineyards are being planted, and making more tan respectable wines, these days. England, Vancouver Island,ever more southern areas of NZ, ditto Chile. The study of homoclimes is also quite revealing. I work with vineyard in the ‘costa prata’ area just north of Lisbon which shares climatic characteristics with Sonoma & Bordeaux. Parts of the area are also suited to Pinot Noir. It will be fascinating to see what emerges from this and many other areas in future.

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