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So on Monday, after judging at the International Wine Challenge, I managed to hot foot it over to Wapping (via the wonderful Overground, which makes East-West travel in London so much easier) to catch a bit more of the Real Wine Fair. I’m pictured above with Daniel Honan, aka The Wine Idealist, who’d come over from Australia to present a seminar.

It was worth it: I made some new discoveries. But I still left a lot undiscovered, alas.

Anyway, here’s a short film of me reporting from the Real Wine Fair, to give you a feel for the event.

4 comments to Video: at the Real Wine Fair

  • Bob Parsons Alberta

    Looks like a great venue, nice and airy. Wish we had a place like that up here, LOL.
    Due to my location, I have not had any access to natural wine and feel sure I am missing out.

    Best Bob

  • Jason Carey

    I saw the producer list.. its really too bad that no producers from the US were represented there.. there are so many interesting things going on there.

  • Peter Webb

    Great people making some really innovative and authentic wines. There is a genuine enthusiasm; many of these winemakers are humble, non-commercial types who cannot make a huge margin so coming to Real Wine Fair must be a labour of love. Look forward to your notes (and video?) on the Georgian Supra and wines served.

  • Great little snapshot Jamie.

    Agree about venue and thoroughly agree about the exciting nature of the wines. For once it was a tasting that I could have returned to for a second, even third day.

    On this showing, I hope I am right in predicting that many of the wines tasted will now slipstream ever more rapidly into wine bars and restaurants here in the UK.

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