Why I love working in wine - some unrestrained positivity

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I love working in wine. For lots of reasons. Here’s some unrestrained positivity about the wine community, and why it’s a good place to earn a living.

    I have such wonderful colleagues. So many positive interactions, such collegiate spirit!

    Wine is endlessly fascinating, and you can never grow tired of it, as long as you have an adventurous spirit and an open mind.

    Wine regions are usually beautiful, and it is a pleasure to visit them.

    The ideal climates for winegrowing are usually ideal for people, too. Unless you are trying to grow Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, where it can get a bit chilly at times.

    Wine contains alcohol and professional visits often involve eating and drinking, and consuming wine is a pleasurable experience, especially when this consumption occurs in good company.

    It’s hard to become really rich in wine. So the sort of people who are motivated by cash tend to avoid it. Which leaves the field clear for nice people who care more for other people and nice social interactions than they do for money. So the relative unattractiveness of wine for people looking to make $$$ has a filtering effect, which works in favour of wine.

    Wine is closely connected with culture, and with eating. There’s a cultural richness to the wine community that is very positive.

    Wine drunkenness seems to be different from other forms of drunkenness. It often leads to honest introspection. It rarely leads to malevolence. It is often quite friendly and inclusive. It seems to know its limits.

    I have made so many friends during the course of my work. There’s something very human about wine. Even people who are technically competing with me for work are nice to me, and I am nice back. There’s a sense that if one succeeds, we all succeed. Long may this continue.

5 comments to Why I love working in wine – some unrestrained positivity

  • Bless you. A thousand times over. You have taken how I feel about my job and put it into words, beautifully. Thank you. Have you ever visited the wineries of Lake Erie North Shore, Ontario? If you are ever in our hood, please stop by. Thanks again.

  • keith prothero

    Lovely piece Jamie. Although not in the wine industry,I have been fortunate to meet so many who are,and have rarely come across anyone whose company I have not enjoyed.
    There are of course one or two exceptions 🙂

  • Couldn’t agree more! Great piece!

  • Wine Gurl

    This is an excellent article.
    I agree with all of it.
    I have a love affair with wine that I really enjoy.
    Wine and food,two of my favorites in life.

    Thanks for writing a great piece.

  • Jamie…
    Admit it…you were halfway through your second bottle after City were crowned Champions…and were getting soppy. Been drinking the Stuff 40 years…so many nice People. Agree.

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