What wine writers buy: four great cheap wines

OK, I can only speak for myself. Despite being deluged in samples (which is great, by the way – so useful to be able to try wines at home, and they all get proper attention), I still buy wine. Some high-end stuff that I really like, but also we have a need for good affordable wines chez Goode.

Some of our current house favourites? Four really good affordable bottles from Asda hit the mark. I really like these wines: they’re cheap as chips, yet they have personality.

First up, Torres Vina Sol 2010, currently £4.60 (the pricing is a bit fluid). This is a crisp, fresh, lively white with modest alcohol content and no oak influence. So versatile.

Then the pair of Mayus that I recommended a few days ago. Both brilliant value at £5 (again, pricing is fluid). The Pedro Ximenez is lively, crisp, bright and pure: another versatile white with the zing factor. And the Sangiovese is a delight with fresh cherry and berry fruit, and a spicy, savoury twist.

Finally, from the same winemaker (Giorgio Flessati), the Church Mouse Falanghina from Puglia, Italy. Delightfully full flavoured yet still really fresh, this is a steal at £5.50.

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