Only one drink for this hot, sunny afternoon!

Fino Sherry. The hot sunny weather has tempted me into a sneaky early afternoon glass of wine, and there’s only one choice* for this weather: Fino Sherry, straight from the fridge. This one, Tio Pepe, is one of the biggest brands, but it’s actually really good. Fresh, a bit nutty, a bit salty with some subtle spicy undertones, finishing off with a lovely ‘tang’. Available just about everywhere for around £8, but often on promotion.

*Technically not strictly true. Cold Provencal rose would also be quite nice, as would a chilled pale ale or some fizz. But you get the point.

2 comments to Only one drink for this hot, sunny afternoon!

  • I could not agree more. We really need to convince the US drinkers that its worth the time to acquire the taste for Fino! Cheers TMcD

  • just had another sneaky glass with lunch – on another splendid baking hot day – I’m on kid supervision duty today so may not get all that much work done this afternoon

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