North Carolina, day 4 – picnic at Chimney Rock

So we’ve had a brilliant couple of sessions here in Asheville discussing wine science. This morning was looking at the sensory effects of different oxygen transmission levels in wine. Then this afternoon we discussed the ratio between free and bound sulfur dioxide and total consumed oxygen in wines. There are some seriously interesting results from the research that has been done by participants here.

Sandwiched between these sessions was a trek out to Chimney Rock State Park. It’s a beautiful place, as I hope these pictures show. We had a picnic lunch and went for a hike. It was hot, sunny and quite lovely.

3 comments to North Carolina, day 4 – picnic at Chimney Rock

  • alan pollock

    A friend of mine has terrific wine bar in Chapel Hill and Durham. He would love to meet you . His name is Jared Resnick. West End Wine Bar.

  • alan, thanks for the recommendation – next time I visit, if I get a chance I will check it out

  • Les Doss

    I wish I had been following your blog recently. I live in Asheville and we could have made a raid on my cellar, to stave off your urge to go to American malls. If your back in Asheville please email, I can show you the insider’s path.

    Les Doss

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