IWC, day 4

I’m very tired after today’s tasting at the International Wine Challenge. RTL woke me up at 0330, and then again at 0400 – she was barking like a dog possessed, and we don’t know why. And I was also quite late to bed after my game of football, followed by a few glasses of Central Otago Pinot Noir.

As I mentioned a few days ago, for the two weeks of the IWC it’s like having a normal job. Which means no sneaky lie-ins if sleep the previous night is delayed or disturbed. One of the great joys of freelance life is that, on the days when I’m working from home, I get up when I want to. Which is usually about 0830, to start work at 1000, following a bath and walking the dogs. Luxury.

Today I had another excellent panel of judges to work with. It made for a very pleasant day. 118 wines today, which didn’t feel too much, beginning with a flight of Rose Champagne, finishing with four Douro Moscatels. Pictured (left to right): Anita Jackson, Julia Sevenich (from Austria) and Yegas Naidoo (from South Africa). I’m the slightly taller one wearing my colours with pride! Thanks to Helen McGinn for the picture.

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