Feeling happy on a sunny day

Mood is a strange thing. I just woke up this morning feeling happy. Then the kids were nice. The sun shone.

I went for a walk with the dog. Spring really is here, at last.

Things I saw during the walk: (1) a heron catch and eat a fish. That’s the first time I’ve seen that. (2) A red admiral butterfly – the first of the season. (3) Profuse, extravagant blossom on the hedgerows (pictured).

And the six bottles of Palliser Estate Pinot Noir I’d ordered (£80 for six from winedirect.co.uk) arrived. I tasted this at Pinot Noir 2010, blind, and it showed really well. I hope it tastes as good sighted, here in London.

3 comments to Feeling happy on a sunny day

  • jamie……

    your mood, and your header image, are exactly mine here in lot et garrone yesterday…….as I spent the day shooting images of prune trees blossoming….
    walking through woods…..(no butterflies…..many birds)and enjoying a 1998
    Chateau Pichon I did’nt know I had! Spring here at last?……knock on wood!

  • Tom C

    A lovely post Jamie that echoes my feelings and sentiments at the moment… could spring have finally sprung?!

    The Palliser is very nice, and seeing as you are not averse to purchasing wine on line, I wonder if you would care to have a browse of our site if you get the chance?

    http://www.slurp.co.uk has an extensive range of over 4500 wines available and some extremely competitive prices!

    Any feedback would be much appreciated and we are currently running an introductory offer for new customers 😉

  • Not post-related (sorry) but what happened to the “subscribe to comments” option of the old blog? WordPress does support this function and it would be nice to have it back.

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