Caves d'Auvergne Gamay 2012

caves d'auvergne gamay

This is a sensational wine for the price, if – like me – you have a fascination with lighter, more elegant red wines. I’ve written about its sibling Pinot Noir before, which is equally good, but in 2012 I love the Gamay from this winery, which has a bit more weight than most Beaujolais, while retaining drinkability.

Cave Saint-Vernay Gamay 2012 Cotes d’Auvergne, France
13.5% alcohol. Ripe, elegant, pure and with a lovely silky texture, this sappy Gamay has ripe red berry fruits and some cherry notes, with a herby spiciness under the fruit. So attractive and drinkable, this is a superb wine for the money. 90/100 (£7.95 The Wine Society)

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1 comment to Caves d’Auvergne Gamay 2012

  • laurence Bernes

    Hi–cotes D` Auvergne Gamay—I grabbed a case and very good it is–thanks—–but the vintage is 2011 not 2012 from the Wine Society.
    Is the Pinot Noir version worth considering or a case of a Pinot tasting more like a Gamay!!!


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