At a conference in Portugal, day 1

I’m in the small town of Celorico da Beira, for the the first Encontro e Prova Internacional de Vinho. It’s a wine conference.

Celorico is on the fringes of the Serra d’Estrela on the edge of the Dao region, where it meets the Beira Interior.

The conference is being held in a gymnasium, which has been nicely transformed, but which is really cold. This morning’s talks were not really interesting to me, but it will get better from here onwards.

It was nice to meet some fellow bloggers/social media people: Ikka Siren, Anne Victoire Monrozier (aka Miss Vicky, who blogs at, Luis Alberto (the wine hub) and Andre Riberino (Addega). Miss Vicky, Andre and Ikka are pictured above.

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