Two cool wines from the Okanagan, Canada: Riesling and Syrah


Tried these rather lovely wines from the Okanagan Valley in Canada, and thought they deserved a write-up, even though they might be hard to find. You heard it here folks: Canada deserves to be taken seriously for both Riesling and Syrah.

Le Vieux Pin Tramonto Syrah 2010 Okanagan Valley, Canada
A private label from the Okanagan, just 49 cases made. Vivid black cherry and plum fruit with pepper, spice, cloves and olives. Fresh and pure with real intensity, very much in a northern Rhône style. 92/100

Synchromesh Riesling Storm Haven Vineyard 2013 Okanagan Valley, Canada
Lovely balance here: lemons, minerals and lovely precision. A really stylish dry Riesling of great appeal. 92/100

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2 comments to Two cool wines from the Okanagan, Canada: Riesling and Syrah

  • Bob Parsons Alberta

    Le Vieux Pin has been producing some very good wines the last few years so glad you could try the Syrah Jamie.

  • Thanks Jamie!
    It was a pleasure meeting you on your visit to BC and I’m glad you met up with my friends at IPNC. I’ve enjoyed the wines of Le Vieux Pin since they began production and am proud to be considered in the ranks with their wines.

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