Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah - Australian elegance

This wine is the result of a collaboration between wine journalist Nick Stock and Gilles Lapalus of Sutton Grange winery. Some things to note: (1) it’s simply labelled; (2) it’s just 13% alcohol; (3) it’s labelled Syrah, not Shiraz. These all bode well for the wine.

Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah 2009 Australia
Deliciously fresh, with sweet rounded cherry and ripe plum fruit together with a hint of pepper spice. It’s fruity and ripe, but without any heaviness or over-ripeness. Currently not the most complex wine ever, but it does boast supple, elegant fruit, and it’s deliciously drinkable. There’s a tiny bit of mintiness giving a clue as to its Australian origins. Ripe but well balanced with potential for development. 90/100

UK agent: Les Caves de Pyrene

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