Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah - Australian elegance

This wine is the result of a collaboration between wine journalist Nick Stock and Gilles Lapalus of Sutton Grange winery. Some things to note: (1) it’s simply labelled; (2) it’s just 13% alcohol; (3) it’s labelled Syrah, not Shiraz. These all bode well for the wine.

Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah 2009 Australia
Deliciously fresh, with sweet rounded cherry and ripe plum fruit together with a hint of pepper spice. It’s fruity and ripe, but without any heaviness or over-ripeness. Currently not the most complex wine ever, but it does boast supple, elegant fruit, and it’s deliciously drinkable. There’s a tiny bit of mintiness giving a clue as to its Australian origins. Ripe but well balanced with potential for development. 90/100

UK agent: Les Caves de Pyrene

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5 comments to Bespoke Bros Heathcote Syrah – Australian elegance

  • Cal

    I’d love to try this. Where is it sold?

  • In the UK, via Les Caves de Pyrene

  • Luke

    Hi Jamie,
    Do you know who distributes the wine in Melbourne ?
    Can’t seem to find a web page for them

  • Carl


    We’re in the process of stocking the Bespoke Brothers wines at Cellar and Store in Heathcote. Call us on 03-5433- 2204 to check stocks.

  • Jacquei

    We had a wonderful Bespoke Bros Monastrell Rose at the Willow Tree Inn in their wonderful Graze Restaurant. We would like to find someone who sells it in Sydney. It was superb. The Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop has it listed on its website as sold out. It has a delightful light dry taste and went well with both beef and lamb.

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