Hart of Gold English Sparkling Wine


I was impressed by this new English sparkling wine, made by Justin Howard-Sneyd, high-flying wine buyer and owner of a small domaine in the South of France. Justin sourced the grapes – a mixture of all three Champagne varieties – from a vineyard in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire (soils chalk and clay), and the wine was made at Ridgeview. It’s bold and rich, yet fresh at the same time.

Hart of Gold 2010 English Sparkling Wine
12% alcohol. Rich yet very fresh with a lovely appley edge to the pear and spice notes. It has tension but also depth of flavour, and a hint of sweetness on the finish. Baked apple, spice, citrus and subtle toasty notes in the mix here. Lovely. 91/100 (£30 available direct – £24 for members)

3 comments to Hart of Gold English Sparkling Wine

  • Alex Lake

    So what are your top 3 English fizzes?

  • Yes, I thought this was a really good Sparkling wine. Much more complexity and biscuity than many English wines. Also though the texture of the bubbles much nicer than the Ridgeview wines themselves. In fact, bubble size and texture would be my number one criticism of English Sparkling wines. Many of them just taste too fizzy. Like Perrier water instead of Perrier Champagne.

  • Really this have awesome taste due the mixture of three variety! Have depth flavor, i loved it.

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