Video: an epic tasting of 93 of South Africa's top sparkling wines

To most Brits, MCC refers to the Marylebone Cricket Club and it’s an abbreviation synonymous with this most complex and beguiling of sports (one of the many that we Brits invented – we have a talent for this!). But to wine nuts who’ve taken more than a passing interest in what’s taking place in South Africa, MCC is all about fizz. Methode Cap Classique is the name for quality bottle-fermented sparkling wines from South Africa, and it’s a dynamic, growing category. This short film is of an epic tasting of MCCs together with expert fizz winemakers Paul Gerbe (Le Lude) and Pieter Ferreira (Graham Beck). They comment on the various flights of wines that we’ve been tasting.

You can read the full tasting notes of 93 of the best South African bubblies in the full article here. I found lots to like.

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