A Pinotage made without any added sulfur dioxide

running duck pinotage

Dudley Wilson, winemaker at Stellar Organics in South Africa, seems to have got the hang of making wine without adding any sulfur dioxide. His Cabernet Sauvignon has been listed by Sainsbury’s in the UK for a few years now and is delicious – an inexpensive (£5) wine that holds up in bottle fine for a year or two and has lovely rich fruit.

This is his Pinotage. It’s a grape I frequently struggle with, but here he’s managed to coax out the fresh fruity flavours with none of the weird smoky, rubbery, green characters that can often mar this variety.

Stellar Organics Running Duck No Added Sulphur Pinotage 2011 Western Cape, South Africa
Fruity, bright and lively with nice cherry and berry notes, showing admirable purity. No heaviness, and really drinkable. 86/100 (£7.99 SH Jones)

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