A lovely, inexpensive Chilean Riesling

Cono Sur Riesling

This is a nicely poised, brilliantly drinkable and well balanced Riesling from Cono Sur. Can’t think of a better one for the money (£6.45 from Tesco.com, although currently listed as out of stock).

Cono Sur Bicycle Riesling 2010 Central Valley, Chile
13.5% alcohol. Minerally, lemony nose leads to a sweetly fruited melon and citrus palate that is rounded and well balanced with good acidity. Nicely judged, this is quite serious with its fresh, mineral finish. 88/100 (£6.45 Tesco.com, Slurp.co.uk, although both don’t seem to have it at the moment)

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1 comment to A lovely, inexpensive Chilean Riesling

  • Andre

    Comp Sur just seem to get it right at the moment, with all of their Bicycle range. The Viognier is also a gem, at around 7 and a half quid. A large scale producer knocking out wine of such standard that boutique producers would be envious.

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