Puppy's procedure

Puppy, aka FFS (Fat Furry Slug) is feeling a bit sorry for herself tonight.

She went to the vets today to be neutered. Now she is decidedly groggy, but hopefully not in too much pain.

I have spent the day working on the science of Sauvignon blanc, and this evening we’ve taken advantage of another balmy summer evening to have a barbecue. I’m drinking Conceito’s Contraste 2008, from the Douro. It’s a very fine expression of this fabulous region, with intense, structured, fresh black cherry and plum fruit. It’s fruit-driven yet structured, with good acidity, combining new world-style fruit intensity with old-world style elegance and freshness.

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  • The term neutered, although technically correct as it is the removal of an animals reproductive organs, is generally reserved to describe the procedure for a male animal. I hope FFS bounces back from being spayed.

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